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Friday, July 16, 2021

What Are The Big Social Media Platforms Trying To Hide?

 I am almost hesitant  on writing blogs, simply because I have no idea what my blog page looks like when it is finished. I have gone to some web pages that were covered with ads and those blogs and articles are hard to read underneath the blogs. 

But I do want to write articles again, so you all can continue to read them. And I have to write them as soon as the idea comes to my mind or I will never remember what I intended to write. 

This one has to do with the obvious. Of course, if a person chooses to close their eyes to reality, they wont see. 

One thing that amazes me is the hidden works of darkness are being exposed. For example, months ago, Mike Lindell made a video revealing much of what happened during the 2020 election. In other words, there was clearcut evidence, in many forms, that there was voter fraud. The video he made (it may have been live, I can't remember) was taken down by every video sponsor. Then it would appear again on another video format. It would just keep being taken down. Then the video would appear somewhere else, only to be taken down. This went on all day. There may actually be one source that kept the video on. 

I find it amazing and amusing that beginning in January, people began to be silenced on social media. What does that tell you? Do you think we are stupid and don't know what's going on? Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and then eventually banned from Facebook. Sidney Powell was also banned from some social media sites. Others who follow Trump were also banned from social media. 

What are they trying to hide?

I posted something on Facebook which had Hitler's name on it. I was banned for 48 hours. My daughter just posted a comment about Cuba. She was banned for 24 hours. Why would they hide a quote from Hitler and information about what's going on in Cuba right now? They don't want you to know what is really happening. They want to take that information, formulate it to match their narrative, then they will spit it back out. It will be their version of Hitler and Cuba. 

What are they trying to hide?

I could go on and on with examples of people who have been banned from social media. It's not only politics either. Those who are into alternative health have experienced being banned as well. But the big things now that they are filtering are to do with either Covid or the vaccine. Some Facebook groups have gotten warnings about posting anything to do with the vaccines. 

What are they trying to hide? What is your guess?

My guess is that they don't want people to know about the election fraud. They fear what could happen if people find out the true results of the election. And they can't handle that. They don't want you to know about the vaccines because they are still at experimental stage and are dangerous. Plus, the vaccines can be used to control people with and keep tabs on them. It's becoming an issue of control and the Left does not want to stop that from happening. 

If the Left is correct on who they believe really won the election, then they should welcome any challenges to the election. If they truly won the election, and there are all these audits and things going on to try to show what really happened, the Democrats should welcome this. But the opposite is happening. 

What are they trying to keep hidden?

One more thing I want to bring up as well. The more I see of what CNN, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, just to name a few, are publishing and promoting, the more I understand how severe this situation is. I go to a news page to get my email. On this page are tons of headlines of articles. The first day I went to this page and actually looked over it, I found 3 articles, written by journalists, attacking and outright lying about Donald Trump. There was also an article attacking Ron DeSantis, and another one attacking Mike Lindell. And these were just the headlines of the articles that had the link to the actual articles. Most of the slanderous articles originally came from The Huffington Post or The Daily Beast. Honestly, I don't have a problem with us reading these articles, as long as we can be discerning and not just accept them as honest journalism. We do need to know what the other side is doing. But we also need to know that their hearts are not right with people, nor with God. They have no conscience, so they are at peace with lying and destroying people they don't like. 

Not only are they trying to keep things hidden. They are trying to erase History. When true History is fully erased, then they can rewrite it the way they want to, in order to empower their narrative.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Our Battle Is Not Against Flesh and Blood - The Recent Attacks on Ron DeSantis

 Before I delete this email, I want to post some of the contents because there is something important here, that we need to see. 

The email came from David Kubal from rightsideamerica.com . I don't know when I got on this email list, but it seems to be on the same page that we are on. 

What I want us to see, is the activity from the Left (most of the modern day Democrats lean Left). Ron DeSantis made an announcement that he may run for president. Right now, he is the governor of Florida, and is doing a fantastic job, according to most people (Left-wingers excluded here). 

He is making wise decisions concerning  lock-downs, mask wearing, and transgenders in sports. This man is doing an excellent job at exposing the wrong and making laws to protect conservative values. 

This has the Left in an agitated state. Now, they are openly opposing DeSantis and even slandering him. He has been compared to Castro and Maduro, and his time in office is being referred to as a 'regime'.

Friends, the Left is relentless on their hatred, not only for Donald Trump, but for all those who hold Conservative values. They have been planted in our government by those we have elected into office. Some have been elected into office by those who support Socialistic ideology. The Left is aggressive and will not give up. Do not be afraid of them!

They are not going to stop either. They hope we will though. Without being aware of it, they are puppets for Satan marching to his drumbeat. They obey him without even knowing what is going on. 

God did give these people a choice though. At one time, they knew that God was creator. They knew intuitively that everything was created by God. But they denied God's rulership over their lives and chose to believe the lie. God has turned many of these people over to their wickedness and all of us are feeling the evil effect on our lives.

Here is the email I promised to post. And yes, they do need money to keep their organization going and are looking for donors that could give. 


Conservative leaders are under attack.


Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida is pushing back on the radical Left’s tyrannical agenda.


He said NO to COVID-19 lockdowns.


He said NO to a government-mandated vaccine passport.


He said NO to amnesty for illegal immigrants.


He said NO to Big Tech censorship.


And friend, don’t you wish that more governors across the country would boldly stand up like Governor DeSantis is?


That’s exactly why the Left is on an all-out tear to take him down….because he unashamedly stands up for the commonsense policies you and I want to see implemented.

 IFA will be hand delivering a batch of prayers to Governor Ron DeSantis soon and we want to make sure yours is included.


Just last month I was in Florida speaking with Governor DeSantis about how Christian Conservatives can defend principles of freedom and liberty.


He told me he REJECTS government overreach --- like enforcing a Vaccine Passport or shutting down churches during a pandemic.


And he’s a man of his word – he just signed into law a bill that suspends ALL local COVID emergency orders in Florida.


Friend, you and I both know how desperately we need leaders who are willing to say NO to government tyranny, and YES to individual liberties right now.


And Intercessors for America has been praying for Godly leaders like this since our founding in 1973.


Well, as I talked to Governor DeSantis, I told him that hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors – folks like you – are praying for him.


He wanted me to tell you he is grateful for your prayers!

Well, we’re gearing up to deliver a round of your personal prayer notes to Governor Ron DeSantis as soon as we receive 100,000 prayers from Americans like you.

On a daily basis Governor DeSantis endures relentless personal and spiritual attacks.


We’ve seen these attacks appear in many different ways:

  • Attacks from the “fake news” media - spinning biased stories against our country’s most conservative Governor…like the outrageous lies they tried to spread about how Governor DeSantis handled COVID-19…when in fact it was Leftist Governor Cuomo abusing his state’s elderly population.
  • Attacks from liberal politicians who want to see Governor DeSantis manipulated and cancelled.
  • And attacks from forces of spiritual opposition you and I know will come after anyone who stands up for the Word of God.

Let me step back and introduce myself. My name is Dave Kubal and I’m blessed to be the President and CEO of an army of prayer warriors called Intercessors for America (IFA).


Our mission at IFA is to inform, connect, and mobilize intercessors to pray for our nation and our leaders.


Anyway, the email is encouraging us to pray for Ron DeSantis. We are in a spiritual battle and the Enemy of our souls is fighting this with everything he has. We are on the winning side. We need to be praying and fasting for our country and for the church in America. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

What Can Happen When We Pray Continually?

"He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man. 
And there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ 
For a while he refused, but afterward he said to himself, ‘Though I neither fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will give her justice, so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming.’” 
And the Lord said, “Hear what the unrighteous judge says. And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? 
I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”
Luke 18:2-8 ESV

I have to admit, I have been somewhat confused on the meaning of this parable. We know that God is perfectly just, and we know He will not get worn out by our continual praying to Him. So, I missed the meaning of this passage of Scripture, but now I think I have some insight into the meaning of this and it really does apply to us today. 

I think it is saying to us that yes, we should be praying continually. It is comparing an unjust judge with the true and living God, where there is a vast difference between the two. The point seems to be, if someone as corrupt as an unjust judge can actually listen to a case of an oppressed woman, how much more will the true and living God take care of us, who pray to Him continually?

We are living in a season of time where many are throwing in the towel. We saw how God worked 4 years ago, when D.J.T. was elected into office, only by the mercy and grace of God. We got to see with our spiritual eyes, how evil and sinister the Enemy actually is, along with how deceptive he is and the amazing amount of lying and slander that he seemed to get away with. But God always intervened. Threatening news would come on and our faith would be tested. But in a couple of days, the threat was forgotten about and the evil was turned around for God's glory and the good of His people. D.J.T. always ended up being defended. All the darts that were sent to him never made it or went in reverse. 

We always used verses like Isaiah 54:17, praying that no weapon formed against D.J.T would prosper. And they didn't. So, of course, that begs the question of why did he lose the election? Or did he lose the election? If he didn't lose the election, then why did evil win? Why are the liars getting away with cheating?

I could go into a lot of possibilities on this, but probably won't do that now. One thought is that God is testing the church. God is testing the faith of those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and those who understand who the players are in this battle and what the battle is even about. 

Let me be clear on this though; first, we do not worship D.J.T. We realize he is a man like the rest of us, who has struggled with sin, and sometimes in the past, had given into sin. We realize this affects credibility. But, like us, he has a Savior who died for his sins and has professed trust in Him. Although not a perfect man, he has shown evidence since being in the presidency, of repentance. I am not going to say if he truly knows the Lord or not. I do not know. But, D.J.T. is a God-fearing man now, and has a moral compass. 

Secondly, this spiritual battle we are in is not about D.J.T. It is a battle for the complete control of the mind and will of every person living in the United States today. D.J.T. knows what is going on and has giving his all to do his part to fix this problem and to prevent our country from falling into the hands of the wrong people. He is a player in this battle, whether or not he understands that. He was a key player and will probably continue to be a player in some form. 

D.J.T.'s character has been successfully assassinated by the mainstream media. Whenever a Republican president has been in office in the past, they were subjected to ridicule and defamation by being slandered, but with D.J.T., something was very different. He actually was the exact person needed to fight that battle. The former presidents were cowards and they let the Left walk all over them. Not so with D.J.T.

Anyway, after the stolen election and continued character assassination, as well as continued measures being taken by the Left to make sure D.J.T. doesn't ever rise again, I think we need to pray. We need to be continually praying to God, day and night. We need to not give up, nor should we become weary in well doing. 

The parable above tells us that God will hear our prayers. He will not abandon us. He will turn the difficulty around for His glory and for the good of His people, as well as for those who will come to know Him in the future. But we must stay in prayer.

If evil people will listen when continually hounded, how much more will God listen to His people who are praying to Him continually?

Just before the parable, here is the former statement: "And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart." Many have thrown in the towel and given into doubt and fear. Let's be in faith for what God is going to do through this tumultuous time we are going through. Let us continually be praying. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Obvious Hypocrisy of the Left

 I am reading through the Rush Limbaugh magazine this month, and found an article spotlighting the double standard of the Left, specifically where it comes to using masks, quarantines, and social distancing. 

The magazine does not want reprints made because of copyright reasons, but I will summarize the article and post it here. 

The article is called, 'Democrats Flout Their Own COVID Rules'

The article highlights the recent activities of certain Democrats who called for a mask mandate or even more recently, have requested families to not gather for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. These Democrats have also closed down the businesses in their towns, but these individuals have appeared in public places that are closed down because of COVID, and many times, not even wearing a mask!

Let's go through the list of these Democratic leaders who played the role of the hypocrite in the past few months.

1. Mayor Steve Adler from Austin - Recommended a no travel restriction. He was found traveling to Mexico. To his credit, he issued an apology for setting a bad example.

2. Mayor Muriel Bowser from D.C. - Issued a travel restriction and quarantine. Attended a Biden victory speech in Delaware and did not self quarantine herself. She considered the event as 'essential' and did not practice the social requirements at the speech according to pictures on social media. 

3. Governor Andrew Cuomo from NY - " Don't have family gatherings". "We (Cuomo's family) are going to be alone physically..." referring to the upcoming Thanksgiving usual gathering they had every year. His mom wanted to come for Thanksgiving but he did cancel the event, after being called out for his hypocrisy. Also, he has been seen without a mask, even hugging the mayor from Savannah, GA., nor did he follow the quarantine regulations after a visit to GA.

4. Mayor Bill De Blasio from NYC - He instructed the NYPD to arrest those who gather in large groups. Yet, he gathered with a large group of protestors in Harlem who deemed the cause of BLM as more serious than the potential of spreading the virus.

5. Senator Dianne Feinstein from California - "Wearing masks in public should be mandatory. Period". She was pictured inside a Dulles airport without a face covering on. Another video showed her chatting with her aides, without a mask, in the halls of a government building before entering a hearing in November. 

6. Mayor Michael Hancock from Denver - He pleads with everyone to stay home (Youtube 11/20/20). He urged people to host virtual gatherings on Thanksgiving, instead of in-person dinners. And to avoid travel. He boarded a plane to Mississippi to visit family for Thanksgiving, following his statement on his recommendation to stay home and avoid travel. 

7. Mayor Jim Kenney from Philadelphia - Also recommends that people stop congregating and that people stay home. He also recommended, along with a medical expert, that people avoid indoor situations where the virus could easily spread. He was found, not wearing a mask, at a public restaurant in Maryland.He justified his actions by saying that the COVID virus cases in Maryland was much lower than that in Philadelphia. 

8. Senator Chuck Shumer from NY - "Wear a mask". Schumer was found maskless in NYC while ranting about the President who was supposedly holding a 'super-spreader' event at the White House. He also was found screaming, without a mask on, and in a crowd at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, about how they would take over the world if they were to take GA. 

There were more mayors, senators, and people of importance in the article, but I will not post them all here in order to save space. But you get the point. There are a few Democrats who are moderate in their understanding of how life works, but, many have turned to the far-left. Most, if not all of these above Democrats are Socialistically minded and give way too much power to government. 

Also, when I make future references to the President (who will be former president in a couple of days, most likely), I will refer to him as Mr. T. I know that Google, etc. are coming down hard in finding those who would find Trump supporters and restrict them, so, I will use another term for that. The Left doesn't want to take any chance of this man running again for President. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Subtle Doctrine Of Critical Race Theory

 There are many churches which have bought into the Critical Race Theory, without understanding it's subtly and how it is creeping into the churches today.

 Before we delve into this, I will give a brief summary of what this Critical Race Theory is, and why it is dangerous. 

  In a nutshell, here is what comprises this erroneous doctrine:

1. Starts off with empathy. I believe this is the very reason why the churches get sucked into this theory.

2. Has erroneous belief system of anthropology as it stands on the premise that all white people are born racists. The Bible teaches that people of all skin colors are born with sinful hearts, but not a specific group of white skinned people being born as racists.

3. Has erroneous belief system of American History. It bases its idea on America being formed in order to forge a Slave nation, built upon the industry of slavery.

4. Believes racism is in the DNA of America. (Obama)

5. Stands on the premise that white people are the oppressors and black people, as well as other marginalized groups, are the oppressed.

6. Believes that systemic racism is embedded in our laws and legal system. Our legal system, for example, is designed to keep the black people oppressed. 

7. There is no atonement that can be made to repair the damage done by white people to the black people. But one must continue to try to make atonement. One person even recommends that white people shine the shoes of every black person they encounter. This is supposed to be symbolic of foot washing in the Bible.*

8. Reparations must be made by the white people as they stole land from the Native Americans and stole labor from the African slaves that were used until the Civil War. Thus, the reason for rioting is justified. Supposedly, the black people are taking back what rightfully belongs to them. 

9. White people will have to deal with racism until the day they die. They will have to repent of this sin daily and will never be free from it until death. 

10. White people have 'white privilege' as well as 'white guilt'. It is hard for a white person to see their sin of racism because of their 'whiteness'.

If you think I am joking about this or making a Babylon Bee article, I will later on post references which will have clips from pastors, well-known people, and others who have bought into this lie. 

The 1619 Project is an essay written by Hannah-Jones. From what I understand, it is actually intended to be fictional, yet, schools are using this material to now teach children the History of America with. It has been used in Chicago schools already. 

I am basing everything on this page from my studying this subject for the past 3 months. I had not heard of the term, 'Critical Race Theory until recently, and realize that this is just an orderly form of the Social Justice concept that many churches have already embraced. 

The reason I am familiar with this subject though, is based upon my observations of mainly young people who are in the church. There are a few older ones too. 

If you ever talk to a Millennial about politics, for example, you will feel like both you and the Millennial are talking about 2 different subjects. And let me mention, almost every Millennial aged person, or maybe rather every person in the church 40 and under is in this category.

I have noticed a trend. The people who are sucked into this way of believing have certain characteristics in common. They were originally sucked in by empathy (which is like compassion) and a sense of justice that has been violated, but the lies followed. It was subtle. It has evolved into many turning from Republican to Democrat. That was the puzzling part for me.

If you notice, these people believe that the issue of racism trumps any other issue, period. So, abortion gets put on the shelf. The lie of Trump being a racist is so promoted by the Mainstream Media that these young people have bought into it and many are voting for Biden, simply because they have been led to believe that Trump is a racist. And the only reason for their voting for Biden is to get Trump, the supposed racist, out. They don't care about Biden. They have no idea what he stands for or against. They just believe that Trump is a racist, and racism must go. Period. 

Abortion has no weight in this matter. 'The' problem we are dealing with is 'racism' and nothing can change their minds on this.

Voting for Biden is a symptom of the problem, not the cause. 

It is interesting to note also, those who make up BLM, for example, are mostly white. This whole concept of Critical Racial Theory is not composed by black people trying to defend themselves and empower themselves. Most of the people promoting this are white, mainly younger people who have been taught to hate America and destroy it. 

When surveyed, black people actually do not want to defund the police. The want the security of having a police force around. It's not the black people who are doing this. It is the radical Left political group forming an agenda to destroy America by dividing our country by race, class and whatever else they can use, so they can erase the true history of America and replace is with Socialism. 

Simply speaking, the Critical Race Theory is a ploy to destroy America and replace it with Socialism and then Communism. 

I have read posts by many of my Facebook friends, not only in America, but all over the world. This thinking is universal. The Mainstream Media has won in promoting its lies and rumors, as well as its justification of hatred. 

God has put in all of us a sense of justice. When we come to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally, this sense of justice becomes very clear. But when the premises that underlie the reason for justice are wrong, then people get confused and justice goes awry. And that is what happened with this Critical Race Theory.

America still has enough older people who have good common sense and have been taught American History accurately, that we can still promote the truth. But when the distorted version of anthropology and History are being taught, with empathy and desire to make the supposed sin right, then it gets hard to communicate truth to those who have been erroneously taught. 

* https://www.businessinsider.com/chick-fil-a-ceo-criticized-shinin-black-mans-shoes-repent-2020-6

Friday, September 4, 2020

The Real Story Around Early American History

 I could write a thousand posts right now, so let me stay focused. I am having a thought right now, and it needs attention.

  I am so upset at how many young people and even people of color, are being duped into a new understanding of American History. This has come to my attention more recently as people are rising up and openly defying our country. 

   Years ago, I watched a documentary made by Dinesh D'Souza. Dinesh is a genius. We had seen him in a debate against Christopher Hitchens before this documentary came out. He did an excellent job, and in the opinion of many, he won the debate (though that was debatable by some!).

   So, in this documentary we were watching, Dinesh informed us that we were being taught that America was an illegitimate nation, because she stole land from the Indians and owned slaves. Well, I had not heard that before and had to process that thought. 

  Many years have gone by and I actually see the fruit of that teaching in people I know, sadly. Recently, the 1619 Project has been published and is now being taught in the schools. If you don't know what this project is, please research it on the Internet. It stands on the premise that rather than America having its beginning in 1776, America really began in 1619 when the first slave ship arrived in America. 

  There are embellished teachings in our school systems and colleges now which inform us that America was formed for the sole purpose of building a slave nation. Older people know this isn't true, but the younger Americans really have no clue. I have a lot of questions I am asking myself now. Did we not teach American History to our children? Did our children's curriculum include History on slavery? Did we teach the children the real reasons why and how America came into being? I am not quite sure anymore. 

  One of the things that was missing from our teaching was Communism. At least, I don't remember teaching Communism to our children. I taught History in a co op and I don't ever remember teaching about Communism or any countries that were Communist. What we did, and we did well at, was teaching our children about Islam. We taught them about the religion of Islam as well as the activities and schemes of Islamic Terrorists. We knew they were a threat to our country's freedom, so we prepared them for fear of Islamic takeover, should that happen.

  But Communism wasn't something we taught to our children. We didn't see it as a threat, or forgot about the Cold War or the Cuban Missile Crisis. We didn't teach them about how some of the people who were trying to get to the United States by boat to escape Communist Cuba didn't make it. Some did, and they tell their stories of the horrors of living under Communism. We weren't aware of how hard it is to live in North Korea today, unless we read publications like 'The Voice of the Martyrs'. The Mainstream Media doesn't seem to see any reason for broadcasting what its like to live there. Of course, no one can get into North Korea to see how bad it is there for they have closed themselves off to the rest of the world. 

  History has been rewritten, and the lies concerning our country have been taught for the past 45 years or more in our public schools. More and more publications are coming out with these lies. 

  You might ask, why is this such a big deal? Well, you know we have 2 main political parties running against each other for presidency. But its not like we have two good guys, both with a love for our country, who want to become president. We have now have two opposing ideologies going on. One group has no moral compass, and embraces evil in every bit of action they take. The other group, not without flaws, has a moral compass and wants to preserve our country. The first group, the Democrats, want to erase the America we all have known and grew up in. They want to replace it with a Socialistic government. This is not speculation, but, they are very open about it. I call them the party of absurdity. They have no wisdom in their decision making, and at the rate they are going, if allowed to continue with their plans, they will destroy America. Of course, that is what they want. They want to erase the true America and replace it with a Socialistic America, with the goal of it becoming Communist. 

  If our ancestors knew what was going on, they would be turning over in their graves. America was founded primarily for two main reasons; freedom from the tyranny of the government, especially in the area of religion, and because they wanted to build a society where they could develop their businesses and grow economically. 

  I'll never forget a story I heard about my great grandmother, who came from Austria. I guess the family was watching 'The Sound of Music' and my uncle asked Oma, 'Why did you ever leave that place?' to which Oma replied, 'You can't eat the flowers'. From what I understood, Oma did not come from a rich family. She was an illegitimate child and probably had a stigma. She was also very talented and was taught how to sew. She became a seamstress and when she came over to America, she built a thriving business in making clothing. Her husband who also came from Austria, was a chef and a waiter, and built a business using his cooking skills. They had several businesses throughout their lifetime together and did quite well over here in America. 

   People who lived in Ireland came over here during a famine. Actually, they were rejected by the rest of the already settled citizens. There was a fear of the Irish coming over and converting everyone to Catholicism and they were not wanted at first. But, the Irish made themselves at home here and they became hard workers and fit right in. If you can read old census records, you can see how prolific the Irish were when they came to America. They proved themselves well, and a large portion of the American population today came from Ireland.

  To be continued.....


Friday, August 14, 2020

The President's Many Accomplishments Since He Has Been In Office

 We know we are in a spiritual battle that requires spiritual weapons. We are not fighting flesh and blood. Throughout History, people have been disappointed with whoever was elected president for that term. Yet, there is something very different about #45. It's not a matter of his personality or that he tweets too much. There is a deep reason why he is hated and being slandered ruthlessly.

  We know that he is aware of the inner workings of what goes on at the White House. President Trump is keenly aware of the things that are happening behind the scenes. He is determined to 'drain the swamp' and the swamp is determined to not be drained. In fact, the swamp doesn't want the public to know what is going on behind the scenes. But Donald Trump is sure to defy them. And they hate him for that.

  We need to be praying for this man. He is under great spiritual attack. His temptations to sin will be great. We don't need an enlightened president to fall into sin. May God keep him safe, physically and spiritually.

  Someone compiled a list of many of the accomplishments the president has done since he has been in office. You will not hear about these accomplishments on the news or in the newspapers. It will simply be missing.

  So, with that in mind, I will paste them right here. Enjoy. And if you repost them somewhere on social media, be prepared for some nasty attacks. This was posted in a group called, 'Conservative Hangout'.


President has been in office for just over 3 years and what has he done? Other than dodging the vile, fake news media, along with Pelosi and Schumer?!?

What have PRESIDENT TRUMP and his cabinet accomplished you ask? Since the liberal media won't tell you, we will.

Here you go.

* Trump recently signed 3 bills to benefit Native people. One gives compensation to the Spokane tribe for loss of their lands in the mid-1900s, one funds Native language programs, and the third gives federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana.
* Trump finalized the creation of Space Force as our 6th Military branch.
* Trump signed a law to make cruelty to animals a federal felony so that animal abusers face tougher consequences.👀👀
* Violent crime has fallen every year he’s been in office after rising during the 2 years before he was elected.
* Trump signed a bill making CBD and Hemp legal.👀👀
* Trump’s EPA gave $100 million to fix the water infrastructure problem in Flint, Michigan.
* Under Trump’s leadership, in 2018 the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil.
* Trump signed a law ending the gag orders on Pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving information.
* Trump signed the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA), which includes the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” (SESTA) which both give law enforcement and victims new tools to fight sex trafficking.👀👀
* Trump signed a bill to require airports to provide spaces for breastfeeding Moms.
* The 25% lowest-paid Americans enjoyed a 4.5% income boost in November 2019, which outpaces a 2.9% gain in earnings for the country's highest-paid workers.
* Low-wage workers are benefiting from higher minimum wages and from corporations that are increasing entry-level pay.
* Trump signed the biggest wilderness protection & conservation bill in a decade and designated 375,000 acres as protected land.
* Trump signed the Save our Seas Act which funds $10 million per year to clean tons of plastic & garbage from the ocean.👀👀
* He signed a bill this year allowing some drug imports from Canada so that prescription prices would go down.
* Trump signed an executive order this year that forces all healthcare providers to disclose the cost of their services so that Americans can comparison shop and know how much fewer providers charge insurance companies.
* When signing that bill he said no American should be blindsided by bills for medical services they never agreed to in advance.
* Hospitals will now be required to post their standard charges for services, which include the discounted price a hospital is willing to accept.
* In the eight years prior to President Trump’s inauguration, prescription drug prices increased by an average of 3.6% per year. Under Trump, drug prices have seen year-over-year declines in nine of the last ten months, with a 1.1% drop as of the most recent month.
* He created a White House VA Hotline to help veterans and principally staffed it with veterans and direct family members of veterans.👀👀
* VA employees are being held accountable for poor performance, with more than 4,000 VA employees removed, demoted, and suspended so far.
* Issued an executive order requiring the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs to submit a joint plan to provide veterans access to access to mental health treatment as they transition to civilian life.
* Because of a bill signed and championed by Trump, In 2020, most federal employees will see their pay increase by an average of 3.1% — the largest raise in more than 10 years.
* Trump signed into law up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for millions of federal workers.
* Trump administration will provide HIV prevention drugs for free to 200,000 uninsured patients per year for 11 years.👀👀
* All-time record sales during the 2019 holidays.
* Trump signed an order allowing small businesses to group together when buying insurance to get a better price👀👀
* President Trump signed the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act that provides funding for states to develop maternal mortality reviews to better understand maternal complications and identify solutions & largely focuses on reducing the higher mortality rates for Black Americans.
* In 2018, President Trump signed the groundbreaking First Step Act, a criminal justice bill that enacted reforms that make our justice system fairer and help former inmates successfully return to society.
* The First Step Act’s reforms addressed inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed Black Americans and reformed mandatory minimums that created unfair outcomes.👀👀
* The First Step Act expanded judicial discretion in the sentencing of non-violent crimes.
* Over 90% of those benefitting from the retroactive sentencing reductions in the First Step Act are Black Americans.
* The First Step Act provides rehabilitative programs to inmates, helping them successfully rejoin society and not return to crime.
* Trump increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) by more than 14%.👀👀
* Trump signed legislation forgiving Hurricane Katrina debt that threatened HBCUs.
* New single-family home sales are up 31.6% in October 2019 compared to just one year ago.
* Made HBCUs a priority by creating the position of executive director of the White House Initiative on HBCUs.
* Trump received the Bipartisan Justice Award at a historically black college for his criminal justice reform accomplishments.
* The poverty rate fell to a 17-year low of 11.8% under the Trump administration as a result of a jobs-rich environment.👀👀
* Poverty rates for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans have reached their lowest levels since the U.S. began collecting such data.
* President Trump signed a bill that creates five national monuments, expands several national parks, adds 1.3 million acres of wilderness, and permanently reauthorizes the Land and Water, Conservation Fund.
* Trump’s USDA committed $124 Million to rebuild rural water infrastructure.👀👀
* Consumer confidence & small business confidence is at an all-time high.
* More than 7 million jobs created since the election.
* More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.
* More than 400,000 manufacturing jobs created since his election.
* Trump appointed 5 openly gay ambassadors.👀👀
* Trump ordered Ric Grenell, his openly gay ambassador to Germany, to lead a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe.
* Through Trump’s Anti-Trafficking Coordination Team (ACTeam) initiative, Federal law enforcement more than doubled convictions of human traffickers and increased the number of defendants charged by 75% in ACTeam districts.
* In 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dismantled an organization that was the internet’s leading source of prostitution-related advertisements resulting in sex trafficking.
* Trump’s OMB published new anti-trafficking guidance for government procurement officials to more effectively combat human trafficking.
* Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations arrested 1,588 criminals associated with Human Trafficking.
* Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services provided funding to support the National Human Trafficking Hotline to identify perpetrators and give victims the help they need.
* The hotline identified 16,862 potential human trafficking cases.
* Trump’s DOJ provided grants to organizations that support human trafficking victims – serving nearly 9,000 cases from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018.👀👀
* The Department of Homeland Security has hired more victim assistance specialists, helping victims get resources and support.
* President Trump has called on Congress to pass school choice legislation so that no child is trapped in a failing school because of his or her zip code.👀👀
* The President signed funding legislation in September 2018 that increased funding for school choice by $42 million.
* The tax cuts signed into law by President Trump promote school choice by allowing families to use 529 college savings plans for elementary and secondary education.👀👀
* Under his leadership, ISIS has lost most of its territory and been largely dismantled.
* ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was killed.
* Signed the first Perkins CTE reauthorization since 2006, authorizing more than $1 billion for states each year to fund vocational and career education programs.
* Executive order expanding apprenticeship opportunities for students and workers.
* Trump issued an Executive Order prohibiting the U.S. government from discriminating against Christians or punishing expressions of faith.
* Signed an executive order that allows the government to withhold money from college campuses deemed to be anti-Semitic and who fail to combat anti-Semitism.
* President Trump ordered a halt to U.S. tax money going to international organizations that fund or perform abortions.
* Trump imposed sanctions on the socialists in Venezuela who have killed their citizens.
* Finalized new trade agreement with South Korea.
* Made a deal with the European Union to increase U.S. energy exports to Europe.👀👀
* Withdrew the U.S. from the job-killing TPP deal.
* Secured $250 billion in new trade and investment deals in China and $12 billion in Vietnam.
* Okay’d up to $12 billion in aid for farmers affected by unfair trade retaliation.👀👀
* Has had over a dozen US hostages freed, including those Obama could not get freed.
* Trump signed the Music Modernization Act, the biggest change to copyright law in decades.
* Trump secured Billions that will fund the building of a wall at our southern border.
* The Trump Administration is promoting second chance hiring to give former inmates the opportunity to live crime-free lives and find meaningful employment.
* Trump’s DOJ and the Board Of Prisons launched a new “Ready to Work Initiative” to help connect employers directly with former prisoners.👀👀
* President Trump’s historic tax cut legislation included new Opportunity Zone Incentives to promote investment in low-income communities across the country.
* 8,764 communities across the country have been designated as Opportunity Zones.
* Opportunity Zones are expected to spur $100 billion in long-term private capital investment in economically distressed communities across the country.
* Trump directed the Education Secretary to end Common Core.👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
* Trump signed the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund into law.
* Trump signed measure funding prevention programs for Veteran suicide.👀👀
* Companies have brought back over a TRILLION dollars from overseas because of the TCJA bill that Trump signed.
* Manufacturing jobs are growing at the fastest rate in more than 30 years.
* Stock Market has reached record highs.
* Median household income has hit the highest level ever recorded.
* African-American unemployment is at an all-time low.
* Hispanic-American unemployment is at an all-time low.
* Asian-American unemployment is at an all-time low.
* Women’s unemployment rate is at a 65-year low.
* Youth unemployment is at a 50-year low.
* We have the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded.
* The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans.
* 95 percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future— the highest ever.
* As a result of the Republican tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.👀👀
* Record number of regulations eliminated that hurt small businesses.
* Signed welfare reform requiring able-bodied adults who don’t have children to work or look for work if they’re on welfare.🙌🙌
* Under Trump, the FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history.
* Reformed Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors 100’s of millions of $$$ this year alone.👀👀
* Signed Right-To-Try legislation allowing terminally ill patients to try an experimental treatment that wasn’t allowed before.
* Secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic.❤️❤️
* Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.👀👀
* U.S. oil production recently reached an all-time high so we are less dependent on oil from the Middle East.
* The U.S. is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.
* NATO allies increased their defense spending because of his pressure campaign.
* Withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord in 2017 and that same year the U.S. still led the world by having the largest reduction in carbon emissions.👀👀
* Has his circuit court judge nominees being confirmed faster than any other new administration.
* Had his Supreme Court Justice’s Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh confirmed.
* Moved U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.👀👀
* Agreed to a new trade deal with Mexico & Canada that will increase jobs here and $$$ coming in.
* Reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.
* Imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices, has agreed to a Part One trade deal with China.
* Signed legislation to improve the National Suicide Hotline.👀👀
* Signed the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever into law, which will advance childhood cancer research and improve treatments.
* The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by Trump doubled the maximum amount of the child tax credit available to parents and lifted the income limits so more people could claim it.
* It also created a new tax credit for other dependents.
* In 2018, President Trump signed into law a $2.4 billion funding increase for the Child Care and Development Fund, providing a total of $8.1 billion to states to fund child care for low-income families.
* The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC) signed into law by Trump provides a tax credit equal to 20-35% of child care expenses, $3,000 per child & $6,000 per family + Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow you to set aside up to $5,000 in pre-tax $ to use for child care.
* In 2019 President Donald Trump signed the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act (CARES) into law which allocates $1.8 billion in funding over the next five years to help people with autism spectrum disorder and to help their families.👀👀
* In 2019 President Trump signed into law two funding packages providing nearly $19 million in new funding for Lupus specific research and education programs, as well an additional $41.7 billion in funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the most Lupus funding EVER.
* Another upcoming accomplishment to add: In the next week or two Trump will be signing the first major anti-robocall law in decades called the TRACED Act (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence.) Once it’s the law, the TRACED Act will extend the period of time the FCC has to catch & punish those who intentionally break telemarketing restrictions. The bill also requires voice service providers to develop a framework to verify calls are legitimate before they reach your phone.
* US stock market continually hits all-time record highs.
* Because so many people asked for a document with all of this listed in one place, here it is. No links provided to remove bias as Google search is easy. Print this out for family, friends, neighbors, etc. I encourage you to drop this list off to voters before the 2020 election too!
*Trump did all of this while fighting flagrant abuse and impeachment charges.

——-please explain to me why you have a problem with OUR president? Because he has misspoken a few times? Tell me when you find a perfect person, please....I’ll wait!

I’ll tell you why because the media has skewed him in such a negative light and unfairly report his accomplishments to undermined those achievements!

Why? Because the media is complicit in every single thing this man is trying to undo! Start thinking for yourself!

And they have the nerve to call him a racist.